Lucy Lawless (born on March 29th 1968) is a New Zealand actress and singer.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2

EP 212

In "Destiny" during a flashback of reliving her life before becoming good, Xena (Played by Lucy Lawless) is barefoot when Julius Caesar double-crossed her and had her on a cross, including other seens where she is saved and is taken to a healer, who stick needles on her feet to help her get feeling in her feet again.

Season 4

EP 404

In "In Sickness and in H@##" Xena is barefoot when she attack an assassin who tried to kill her in her sleep, not knowing that She left a decoy in her place, leaving her boots in bed to trick the killer.

EP 415

In "Between the Lines" while in India Xena is barefooted while wearing India attire with Gabriella, Including in the end when she drew a cross sign on her foot

Season 5

EP 621

In "A Friend in Need Part I" while she and Gabriella are heading to Japan, Xena is barefoot while watching Gabriella train by a Monk.